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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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*student co-authors

Kimel, S.Y., Mischkowski, D., Miyagawa, Y., Niiya, Y. (Under Review). Left Out But “In Control”? Culture Variations in Feelings of Control when Excluded by a Close-Other. 

Kimel, S.Y., Kunst, J., Uenal, F., Sidanius, J. & Sanchez Alcaraz, V.* (Under Review). Foodborne Racism: When Hatred is Ignited by Different Cultures’ Meat-eating Habits. 

Tsai, W. & Kimel, S.Y. (In Press). When and How Supporting Others Can Improve Life Satisfaction:  A Longitudinal Study Examining Collectivistic Values.
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. 

Cousar, K.A.*, Carnes, N.C. & Kimel, S.Y. (In Press). Morality as Fuel for Violence? Disentangling the Role of Religion in Violent Conflict. Social Cognition.

Uenal, F., Bergh, R., Sidanius, J., Zick, A., Kimel, S.Y. & Kunst, J. (In Press). The nature of Islamophobia: A test of a tripartite view in five countries. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. pdf

Kunst, J. R., Kimel, S.Y., Alayan, R., & Thomsen, L. (2018).  Can Abraham Bring Peace? The Relationship between Acknowledging Shared Religious Roots and Intergroup Conflict. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. pdf


Kunst, J., Boos, B., Kimel S.Y., Obaidi, M, Shani, M., & Thomsen, L. (2018). Extreme activism supporting others' political struggles: The role of politically motivated out-group fusion. PLOS ONE. pdf


Kimel, S.Y., Mischkowski, D., Uchida, Y. & Kitayama, S. (2017). Culture, Emotions & The Cold Shoulder:Cultural Differences in the Anger and Sadness Response to Ostracism. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. pdf


Kimel, S.Y., Huesmann, L.R., Kunst, J. & Halperin, E. (2016). Living in a Genetic World: How Learning about Interethnic Genetic Similarities and Differences Affects Peace and Conflict. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. pdf

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Kimel, S.Y., Lopez-Duran, N. & Kitayama, S. (2015). Physiological Correlates of Choice-Induced Dissonance:  An Exploration of HPA-Axis Responses. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. 28 (4). 309-316. pdf


McDonald, M., Porat, R., Yarkoney, A., Reifen Tagar, M., Kimel, S., Saguy, T., & Halperin, E. (2015). Intergroup emotional similarity reduces dehumanization and promotes conciliatory attitudes in prolonged conflict. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 20(1), 125-136. pdf


Kimel, S.Y., Grossmann, I. & Kitayama, S. (2012). When Gift-giving Produces Dissonance: Effects of Subliminal Affiliation Priming on Choices for One’s Self versus Close Others. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48(5), 1221-1224. pdf


Qin, J., Kimel, S.Y., Kitayama, S., Wang, X., Yang, X. & Han, S. (2011). How Choices Modify Preferences: Neural Correlates of Choice Justification. NeuroImage, 55(1). 240-246,​ pdf



Other Publications


Hudson, S. & Kimel, S.Y. (2018). New Racism. In: Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory. Turner B.S. (Ed); Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.


Kimel, S.Y. & Kunst, J. (2016). Can DNA Ancestry Testing Make You More Racist?

Scientific American.


2019 - 2021, PI, Understanding the Malleability of Identity: How DNA Ancestry testing impacts Mexican-Americans. National Geographic, Early Career Grant. 

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